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I'm a producer/director of video, a writer/editor of words, and a branded-content specialist. 

For over 15 years, I've created editorial and marketing content for Lonely Planet, BBC, GoPro, Land Rover, Three Mobile and many more. I've travelled the globe to find compelling stories, experiences and characters, and I believe passionately in the power of storytelling. 

I began my career in magazines, specialising in branded editorial features about travel and culture. I soon expanded into video, producing films for numerous brands and becoming creative director of video for Lonely Planet. 

I'm also a producer and presenter for The Travel Show, the world's most-watched travel programme, on BBC World News.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I now live in London and work for clients across the world. If you'd like help with a video, copywriting, or multi-platform project, please do get in touch.

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